Unveiling Ethiopia’s Medieval Churches: A Journey Through Time with Dr. Katie Tucker

Embark on a captivating exploration into the heart of Ethiopia’s medieval period with Dr. Katie Tucker, a pioneering osteoarchaeologist, as she unravels the mysteries of ancient human remains and the historical narratives they tell. Through her work with The Solomonic-Zagwe Encounters Project (SolZag), Dr. Tucker offers us unprecedented insights into the interactions between the Zagwe Kingdom and the Solomonic Dynasty.

The SolZag Project: A Gateway to the Past

Discovering the Zagwe and Solomonic Dynasties

Dive into the rich tapestry of Ethiopian history as the SolZag Project illuminates the cultural and political exchanges between two pivotal dynasties that shaped the nation’s medieval era.

The Role of Osteoarchaeology

Learn how Dr. Tucker uses the bones of the past to piece together stories of life, society, and health in ancient Ethiopia, bridging gaps in our understanding of medieval African history.

Gännätä Maryam and Washa Mikael: Windows into Medieval Ethiopia

Unearthing History

Discover the environmental and historical significance of the Gännätä Maryam and Washa Mikael Rock Hewn Churches, and how these sites contribute to our understanding of medieval Ethiopian life.

Mysteries of the Buried

Delve into the enigmatic world of human skeletons found at Gännätä Maryam, exploring what these remains reveal about the people they once were and the questions that still linger.

The Evolution of Bioarchaeology in Ethiopia

Tracing the Roots

Trace the development of bioarchaeology in Ethiopia, highlighting its importance in uncovering the country’s rich archaeological heritage.

Inclusivity in Archaeology

Discover Dr. Tucker’s commitment to making archaeology more inclusive, recognizing the contributions of Ethiopian archaeologists in a field striving for diversity.

Pioneering Education and Training

Building Local Expertise

Learn about the efforts to enhance bioarchaeology training in Ethiopia, aiming to empower local researchers and foster a sustainable archaeological practice.

From Winchester to Transylvania: A Scholar’s Journey

The Osteology of Decapitation

Follow Dr. Tucker’s academic journey from her groundbreaking PhD research on human decapitation to her influential role in teaching osteoarchaeology in Transylvania.

Challenges in Bioarchaeology Today

Uncover the major hurdles facing bioarchaeologists, from ethical considerations to the need for more comprehensive training and resources.

Shaping the Future of Archaeology

Dr. Katie Tucker’s work not only sheds light on Ethiopia’s medieval past but also charts a course for the future of bioarchaeology, emphasizing collaboration, inclusivity, and education. Join us as we continue to uncover the secrets of humanity’s history, one bone at a time.