Exploring the Fascinating World of Human Anatomy Education and Research

Welcome to a captivating episode of The Anatomy Explorer Podcast. In today’s conversation, we are joined by Dr. Stephen Maclean from the University of Edinburgh. Join us as we delve into the exciting realm of human anatomy education and research, and uncover the incredible journey of a dedicated anatomy lecturer.

Meet Dr. Stephen Maclean

From Student to Lecturer: Get to know the remarkable Dr. Stephen Maclean as he shares his inspiring journey from being an anatomy student to becoming an anatomy researcher and lecturer. Discover his passion for teaching and coordinating classes on general anatomy, human osteology, and the musculoskeletal system.

Anatomy Unveiled: The Teaching Process

From Lectures to Dissections: Explore the dynamic methods employed in teaching anatomy. Learn how students grasp the intricate structure and function of the human body through a combination of lectures and dissections. Gain insight into the practical exercises that train future doctors and forensic practitioners in the art of skeletal identification.

The Etymology of Anatomy

Unraveling the Past: Embark on a linguistic journey into the etymology of anatomical terms. Discover how anatomists of the past named various bones and structures, and explore the fascinating stories behind these names. Dive into the intriguing etymological history of anatomy that Dr. Stephen Maclean has been sharing on Twitter, making the subject even more engaging.

Skeletal Growth Research

Unlocking Secrets of the Pelvis: Delve into Dr. Stephen Maclean’s recently-completed PhD research, which focuses on skeletal growth in the pelvis. Specifically, explore his work on the ischium, a crucial part of the hip bone. Understand the significance of studying pelvic development, particularly in relation to the hip joints, and the potential forensic and medical implications of this research.